Design Safari Madrid – The Weird

Buckle up, because we’re about to take a look at the more eyebrow-raising design decisions that you might see walking around Madrid in this installment of Design Safari Madrid – the Weird! To see the wonderful designs we explored in the last post, click here. Now, onto the weird designs you’ll see in Madrid!

Design Safari Madrid – the Weird

Design Safari Madrid - Giant Baby Head Statue Madrid
Right. This is what you see immediately upon arriving at Atocha Station in downtown Madrid. A giant baby head. Turn around and you’ll see its twin, eyes closed. These are titled Day and Night. While they’re not what I would call bad design, they do strike me as being a little… esoteric. Or at least startling.
Design Safari Madrid - Horrifying Mannequin
Hey soul-devouring monster from my nightmares, do those legs go all the way up? This horrifying beauty is enticing and nightmarish in all the right ways, though I’m not sure it makes me want to buy a jacket.


Design Safari Madrid - Expensive-Ass American Cereal
These boxes of breakfast sugar are available at a boutique grocery called “Taste of America”. I can appreciate the idea of focusing on your niche: supplying exotic foods from faraway lands. But HOLY CRAP! I can’t imagine how desperate you’d have to be for a Captain Crunch fix to spend NINE EURO on a box of Peanut Butter Crunch!


Design Safari Madrid - Failed Airport Charging Station
Finally, this last photo reveals what happens when a well-intentioned design isn’t thought through all the way! Spotted at the Madrid airport, this free charging station with lockable compartments is a brilliant idea. You walk over, impressed that your charging needs have already been addressed in such a clever manner, only to discover… D’oh! The cords snaking into the back of each compartment are ancient, obscure, or possibly both. What year was this installed?! It must have been ages ago, since there’s not a micro-USB or standard iPhone plug in sight. Good try, but you know really helps people to charge their devices at an airport? Outlets.

Now it’s your turn. What are the weirdest designs you’ve seen in your travels? And please, if anyone knows what the hell the giant baby heads are all about, tell me!


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