IKEA Hack – Fiskbo Frames to Book Souvenir

You never know when a design idea can be helped along with a simple IKEA hack!

This weekend we had the final performances and cast party for the play that Brian’s been directing over the last two months! The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon was a success and a blast for all involved, and we wanted to send the crew away with a personal and meaningful cast gift. We thought a photo of the cast and crew would be nice, but we also wanted the gift to reflect the play itself. After a few rounds of brainstorming, we came up with these beauties:

IKEA Hack - Fiskbo Frames to Book Souvenir

Here’s the front.

Front cover of a DIY craft to create a personalized Book Souvenir out of an IKEA Fiskbo frame!

Looks kind of like a book, right? Then you open this bad boy up… and boom!

Inside of a DIY craft to create a personalized Book Souvenir out of an IKEA Fiskbo frame!

Inside is your cast and crew photo, plus a space for souvenir signatures and messages on the inside!

Though it probably seems like a lot of work (especially if you’re making 20 of them), these are simple to make and turned out to be a hit among our group of thespians.


  • a 10 x 15 cm IKEA Fiskbo picture frame
  • a 14 x 18 cm piece of material for the cover – thin MDF, wood, or even cork
  • paint
  • small hinges & tiny nails
  • super glue
  • washi tape
  • a printed image for the front cover
  • a printed photo to put inside
  • ModPodge or other clear sealant

Materials for creating a personalized Book Souvenir out of an IKEA Fiskbo frame!


Buy extra materials! You’ll want to experiment in order to find out what works best with the materials you’re using.

  1. First, paint your cover material to complement the color of your frame, then use nails or super glue to attach the front cover to the front of the frame.
  2. Use the washi tape to line the “bound” edge of the cover to create the appearance of a book binding. Glue down the edges of the washi tape, as it’s not made to stick permanently.
  3. Next glue your “book cover” design onto the front. You’ll want to seal the entire cover with ModPodge or another sealant to protect your work.
  4. Finally, install your photo into the frame, and you have a finished product! In our case, Metallic Sharpie stands out nicely against the black paint on the signatures page.


That’s it! I designed this IKEA hack to

  • be constructed with readily available materials, and
  • hold meaningful personal value for the gift’s recipients.


How else could you adapt this book-related craft to meet your own needs and ideas?



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